Theological Training and Mission Even though the work of the diocese  of Mara is very holistic, focusing on the material and eductional needs of the people, there is still the need to provide for their spitiual needs and proclaim the Good News. We are a partner for Heather Johnstone, from the Church Mission Society, who is working in Mara.
Education for Children and Adults The team at the diocese of Mara knows that the best way of improving the long- term prospects for their local communities is to provide them with education. This starts with primary school teaching, where the diocese runs several schools and extends to training and practical help for local farmers to help them improve crop yields while working the land in a sustainable way.
Wells and Health When you live far away from a clean supply, getting  water for washing or cooking can mean a long trek to the nearest water-hole, carrying a bucket or other container..In Mara, women and children can spend many hours each day on this back-breaking task , and the water they bring back is often polluted by animals that use the same supply. We have provided wells with clean water, freeing up time for the women and allowing children to study.

Fund Raising Appeals

The expert teams from the diocese of Mara work in an amazing range of different areas, so as to provide advice and help for local people in many of their daily needs. We have raised funds  for several different important areas of work that fall braodly into the following three areas. Click the images to learn more

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