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Part of the letter from our link partner Heather Johnstone in Mara, Tanzania.


The birth of a new project 

Ceci, one of the ladies who works for the Rehema Project, invited me for a meal at her house in the village of Nyambeshe. Whilst I was visiting I noticed a lot of young children were hanging around and I was told by Ceci and various neighbours that there was a desperate need for a checkacheya (nursery school) in the area. That night I mulled over this information and vaguely wondered if there was something that could be done to solve this problem – I know a young girl called Sweet who had recently qualified as a nursery teacher, and I thought maybe I could match the two up.

I mentioned this to no one but a few days later Sweet came to visit me. She sat down and told me that she had decided she was not going to further her studies as planned just yet and therefore needed to get a job – she announced that she wanted to teach nursery in Nyambeshe. I looked at her incredulously as Sweet lives nearby and has no connection to Nyambeshe, which is a decent distance away. I stared at her wondering how she had somehow managed to get into my head and offer to do what I was thinking. Too much of a coincidence I thought; God is trying to tell me something.

Mara Home 

At home with the Rehema ladies


I won’t go into the details but there were a few more coincidences/mentions of nursery school by some seemingly unconnected people, so I decided that I couldn’t keep on ignoring this. We had a meeting between the interested parties I had encountered and we agreed that as a team we would take this forward. Peter and Ceci (two of the parents) went to see the village chairman to ask his permission to start a nursery school. Permission granted, that Sunday the team presented the idea to the congregation at the Anglican Church in Nyambeshe and the church agreed that we could use their property free of charge. This whole idea gathered such momentum and less than a month later, the checkacheya was up and running and had 52 children registered! Hallelujah!


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