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Two groups from the Anglesey benefice have now been to Mara and on both trips we visited a number of schools. Education is very important to the development of the country, many children have high aspirations and would like to be teachers doctors and engineers and many families recognise that education is a way to move out of poverty. However, at the moment only primary education is free to all children in Tanzania and families have to pay for secondary education. This means families must find money for school fees, uniforms and books. Far fewer children are able to progress to this level and particularly for girls the numbers continuing with schooling declines sharply between primary and secondary school. It is often the women who do the farming, collect water and look after the family so girls stay at home to help with this. As well as having links with a number of priimary schools and raising money to provide some more books, equipment and sometimes even a roof, the benefice has been raising funds to support a girls seconadary school in Bunda, which is run by the diocese of Mara.

Through a recent appeal we have been able to send funds to equip the science labs which are essential if the church is to have permission to open the school. In addition we have raised enough to provide some bursaries for girls whose families might not otherwise be able to support them through secondary education. We are very grateful to everyone who has helped with this project.


In addition to a number of other projects we also have a CMS (Church Missionary Society) partner Heather Johnstone. Heather works in Mara and runs the Rehema Project which works with women and girls who are particularly vulnerable. In her last newsletter she told us how she had been part of a chain of events which led to the starting of a new nursery group in Nyambeshe. God had his hand upon this and within a month a teacher had been found who wanted to teach there, the church had made its premises available free of charge and 52 chiuldren have now registered to attend. We praise God for all of this

Theological Training and Mission Even though the work of the diocese  of Mara is very holistic, focusing on the material and eductional needs of the people, there is still the need to provide for their spitiual needs and proclaim the Good News. We are a partner for Heather Johnstone, from the Church Mission Society, who is working in Mara.
Anglesey Group of Parishes